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5° ArtBlitz - 3/04/2009

Palazzo dei Congressi Roma EUR


“Why not me to the Venice Biennial?” di Pino Boresta
ArtO'_International Art Fair in Open City 2009
Words and ideas
Sala Talks del Palazzo dei Congressi Roma EUR

12.00a.m. – 14.00p.m. Friday 3rd April 2009
With: Cecilia Casorati (art critic), Patrizia Mania (art historian, Università della Tuscia), Daniele Capra (art critic at Exibart), Barbara Martusciello (art critic), Marcello Carriero (art critic), Caterina Iaquinta (art historian), Giuliano Lombardo (artist), Coordinated by Pino Boresta.

As soon as entry I sat and immediately knock down with face on the desk. Following the example of the famous film "Rollerbool" I begin to whisper "Why not me to the Venice Biennial?, Why not me to the Venice Biennial?, Why not me to the Venice Biennial?" increasing little by little the volume up to scream. Suddenly I jumped on the table and straight on it I start shouting "I want a Biennaleeeeeee! I want a Biennaleeeeeee! I want a Biennaleeeeeee!" imitating the great actor Ciccio Ingrassia in the film Amarcord. Finished the blitz I go down and I start to moderate the conference after a fast interview of Soele that from the end of the room made to me several questions, to which I answered.

The purpose of this meeting has been to discuss a current and ever-fervent issue such as the concerning the selection of artists for the Venice Biennial, a topic inspired by my latest project Firma Boresta. Besides answering a legitimate question that I have asked myself – “Can a petition become a work of art?” 
other questions have vehemently emerged.
· Why will some artists, although being good, never take part in Venice Biennial?
· Should we submit to this state of things?
· May an artist apply to participate in a Venice Biennial or may he always pretend that he is not interested in it?
· Are there any alternative channels to the well known in the “art system” in order to apply for Venice Biennial?
· Is every decision already taken as soon as the director of the Venice Biennial has been decided? Or there is a margin of action?
· Does or does not artist’s work count in order to be invited to the Venice Biennial?
In addition to these, we have been the questions of the speakers, some of the present public and the yours that you can send at to obtain a wide variety and richness of opinions useful for a possible future publication.

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